22-May-2024  Srinagar booked.net


Kashmir's Abundant Water Resources Must Quench Its People's Thirst



In the midst of the picturesque landscapes and natural beauty that define the Kashmir Valley, a growing crisis has been brewing, one that strikes at the very heart of human survival – access to clean drinking water.

Despite the region's abundance of water treasures, an alarming drinking water shortage has plagued the lives of the people in various parts of Kashmir, with Srinagar city bearing the brunt of this crisis.

It is a disheartening reality that, in the 21st century, Kashmir residents are struggling to obtain their basic need for clean drinking water. This issue is not localized but has spread its tendrils into other parts of the Kashmir Valley as well.

The government authorities responsible for water supply must act swiftly and decisively to resolve this crisis as the residents in the affected areas cannot be left parched and helpless during these challenging times.

Immediate measures must be taken to ensure that every household in Srinagar and the entire Jammu and Kashmir region has access to an adequate and uninterrupted supply of drinking water.

In areas where the traditional water supply infrastructure is faltering, the concerned authorities must prioritize its repair and maintenance. Any technical issues hindering the delivery of clean water must be addressed promptly. The primary objective should be to guarantee that no resident is left without access to this fundamental human right – clean and safe drinking water.

Reports have underlined the severity of the problem in various parts of Srinagar city, including Rainawari, Barbarshah, Qamarwari, Rajouri Kadal, Shivpora, Bemina, Mehjoor Nagar, Zadibal, Hawal, Alamgari Bazar, Nalamar Nawa Kadal, Bohri Kadal, and Nowhatta and these areas represent just a fraction of the communities affected by this crisis.

It is deeply concerning to hear that some residents have brought this issue to the attention of the authorities in the past, yet their pleas have gone unanswered. This disregard for the well-being of our citizens cannot continue.

The government must heed the grievances of its people and take swift action to alleviate their suffering.

The officials' claims of working on the issue and partially solving the problems are acknowledged but we urge them to expedite their efforts.

Time is of the essence, and every day that passes without a resolution exacerbates the suffering of the people affected by this crisis.

The Kashmir Valley is indeed a treasure trove of water resources, and it is unacceptable that its own people are facing such a dire situation. We call upon the government to prioritize the well-being of its citizens and take immediate steps to put an end to this water crisis.