22-May-2024  Srinagar booked.net


Dialogue, Not Darkness, Should Drive Smart Meters



For the past year, Kashmir residents have been protesting, voicing their grievances against smart meters, claiming that these devices have led to excessively high bills.

Many claim that their electricity bills have skyrocketed after the installation of these smart meters, a significant burden for the already struggling economy of the region.

As protests have erupted across Kashmir valley, originating from every district, it is evident that the residents' concerns are not isolated incidents; they represent a widespread dissatisfaction with the use of smart meters.

Additionally, locals say the administration's decision to reprimand citizens by interrupting power supply as a means to suppress protests is entirely condemnable.  

The decision of suspending electricity in certain areas of Srinagar due to opposition regarding the installation of smart meters has had severe repercussions on the health and well-being. Reports of health emergencies also emerged from downtown area, highlighting the critical role electricity plays in providing crucial medical support.

Administration must engage in a constructive dialogue with the protesters. Dialouge should drive smart meters, not darkness.

The administration must acknowledge these concerns and work towards finding a fair and equitable solution that addresses the grievances of the people.