22-Apr-2024  Srinagar booked.net


India Must Grant Electricity Independence To Kashmir



To truly demonstrate development and self-sufficiency, India must empower Kashmir to achieve electricity independence. 
Presently, Kashmir's major power projects, contributing a significant 3200 MW, are controlled by NHPC. 
In contrast, the indigenous Jammu and Kashmir State Power Development Corporation (JKSPDC) lags behind with a mere 1100 MW capacity, creating a considerable 2600 MW shortfall in the region's requirement. 
With a 1500 MW gap resonating as an odyssey of dependence, the government of India must initiate projects under JKSPC so that J&K will not need to purchase power especially when the Treasures region is directly under the control of the central government.
The advantages of local generation extend beyond mere self-sufficiency; it ensures a more reliable and secure power supply for the region. 
With administrative control firmly in the hands of New Delhi, the risk of corruption hindering such crucial projects is minimized. 
The untapped potential of the region to generate electricity through its abundant hydropower resources makes this transition not only feasible but also highly promising. 
By investing in local projects, the government can harness the natural wealth of Kashmir and transform it into a beacon of self-sufficiency

The central government must empower JKSPDC for power generation, thereby paving the way for a future where Kashmir generates its own electricity, ensuring sustained growth, less dependency and prosperity for the people of the region.