26-Sep-2023  Srinagar booked.net


Kokernag Operation, Day 6: Heavy Explosions Via Drone Destroying Natural Cave Hideouts



Kokernag: In the ongoing Kokernag military operation, forces are intensifying their efforts to root out militants, veiled in the forests of Kashmir. The operation, now in its sixth day, has revealed the existence of natural cave-like hideouts in the dense forest area. 
As per reports, forces are using heavy explosives via high-tech gadgets like Heron drones to target the suspected hideouts. 
“Over six natural caves have been destroyed, suspected to be used as hideouts by militants in the jungle area.”
Videos released by officials, show a suspected militant emerging from a blasted hideout, seeking cover as shells fired by forces struck one such hideout on Friday and a thicket of pine trees catching fire.
Officials confirm that after the attack, the militants vanished into a steep mountain covered in thick vegetation.
This mountain is believed to contain a network of natural caves concealed beneath the lush vegetation, serving as hideouts for the militants. To prevent their escape, the cordon has been established around the mountain, which was reportedly extended to adjacent areas on Sunday.
J&K Police have identified one of the militants involved in the attack as Uzair Bashir Khan, a local resident from Kokernag's Nagam village. Khan had gone missing from his home in July of the previous year, and it is believed he had joined the ranks of militants.
Earlier, J&K Police officials announced sighting of two bodies near the operation site via drone. “One of the bodies, charred beyond recognition, has been recovered” 
Authorities are likely to do DNA sampling of Khan's family members to ascertain the charred body’s identification.

Kokernag operation claimed lives of three high ranking officials.