14-Jun-2024  Srinagar booked.net


Locals Resent Closure of Badamwari Park For Morning, Evening Walks



Srinagar: The decision by authorities to close Badamwari Park for morning and evening walks, citing concerns of damage to the park's turf, has sparked resentment among local residents and triggered widespread criticism.

A circular posted outside Badamwari Park outlined the reasons behind the decision: "It is impressed upon the In-charge Head Gardener of Badamwari Park to ensure that no individual shall be allowed to carry out the activities like Morning Walk & Evening Walk inside the premises of Badamwari Park as it has been observed that the local residents who are visiting the park during morning hours for walking, jogging etc are damaging the turf of the park as they are not using the paths which are meant for these activities and thereby, also damages the plant material."

The circular further directed Mr. Gulla Malik, the In-Charge Head Gardener, to suspend these activities to preserve the park's glory.

However, this decision has been met with strong opposition from the local community. Many locals expressed their frustration over what they view as an unnecessary and illogical move by the authorities.

"If you believe that your property is being damaged, involve people to monitor the garden instead of shutting its doors for us. Morning walks are beneficial for our health, and the authorities are preventing us from enjoying this activity," said Mushataq Ahmad, a local resident.

He went on to criticize the authorities for restricting public access to a park, especially at a time when there are ongoing efforts to create a drug-free environment in Kashmir.

He further added that they are deliberately restricting the people’s access to the public gardens.